Friday, September 5, 2014

Shododen Guides Cheats - Kanji Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

You will lose the battle if HP drops to 0!
Using an item will take one turn.
Refill your HP or SP with an item.
Tap the Kanji to start the attack.
About Jukugo: Gather the 4 elements and a special skill is yours
Support your Kanji through writing.
Tap New Paper and write a Kanji again and again to power-up.
The attack will be weak without your assistance.
Gain an advantage by using items in battle.
All you need it the right kanji.
JP fills up during a battle.
A full JP gauge can be used at any time.
Sometimes you need two copies of the same Kanji.
To assist a different member, just tap them.

How to capture Kanji?
Use items to capture the Kanji.
The lower its HP the easier to capture the Kanji.
Low level Kanji are easiest to catch.
You need the right paperweight to catch it!

Building a party
To build a party, tap status tab.
Tap a vacant slot and choose a kanji.
Tap change to add it to your party.
Tap, hold and slide up to remove a kanji from your party.

Three kinds of stories
  1. Main story: Advances the main story.
  2. Side story: Not related to the main story.
  3. Free battle: All you can play training phase.

Kanji Attributes Affinity and Enmity.
Water beats Fire.
Fire beats Metal.
Metal beats Wood.
Wood beats Earth.
Earth beats Water.
Kanji without an attribute have no affinity.