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RPG Illusion of L'Phalcia Kemco Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game


HP: Health
KO’ed in battle when this goes down to 0.
MP: Mana
Used when performing magic or phantom skills.
STR: Strength (Affects normal attack and phantom ski its)
Vitality (Affects defense against normal attacks)
INT: Intelligence (Affects magic attack defense)
SPD: Speed (Affects turn in battle)

Magic rank of each attribute (Level)
Values show total SP gained and SP required to Level up.
ATK: Physical attack power
DEF: Physical defense power
Equipment View
View of equipped weapon, armor, and accessory

Magic and Phantom Skills

Using Magic and Phantom Skills
Use magic and phantom skills to deal more damage than usual, or use them to heal and aid allies.
Magic can be either White or Black, and you will Learn new magic as you gain ranks.
Once you have leveled up several ranks and meet certain requirements, you can start to learn and use
Mix Magic.

Magic is not available unless a GEM is attached.
Each character has a unique set of phantom skills.

The effects of magic and phantom skills are affected by your stats.
The more powerful magic or phantom skills are, the longer it will take to activate, or your following turn will be delayed more than usual.

Enemy Attributes

Attacks with attributes will affect the damage dealt to enemies with attributes.
The enemy's attribute will appear to the Left of its HP bar.
1) Monsters with White Attribute
Weak to Black Magic.
2) Monsters with Black Attribute
Weak to White Magic.
3) Ghost Monsters
Attack with magic and your normal attacks will do more damage

Jar Monsters
Holds more rare items than other enemies.

Giga Monsters
Bigger than normal monsters.

Nano Monsters
Much smaller than normal monsters.

Character Status
1) Confuse: Cannot perform an action. (Can sometimes move.)
2) Sleep: Cannot move.
3) Poison: HP is damaged while poisoned.
4) Barrier: Nullifies or reflects magic attacks.

Mini: Deal half damage with normal attack and take double.

Phantom Skills cannot be used

The above ailments will go away with time.
Confuse and Sleep are cured after taking damage.
However, Poison is not cured even after taking damage.

The game is over if the whole party is KO‘ed.

Continuous Hits
The more you hit an enemy continuously, the more damage is dealy

Attacking an enemy with no HP will result in an overkill.
The more overkill you get, the more EXP GOLD, and SP is gained. HP is also slightly restored.

Preemptive Attack
Start a battle facing the back of an enemy.
Attacking an enemy from the back will increase the damage dealt.


You can place characters in the Front or in the Back.
Allies in the back will do less and take less damage than characters in the front.
Bowguns, magic, and phantom skills do not Lose power based on position.


Configure the tactics for a character to regulate their actions while Auto is activated.

Scripts that include keywords for progressing the story.

There are people with a bubble above their heads. This indicates they have requests, which are considered sub-quests. If you already have the max amount of a reward item, you will still complete
the quest, but will not receive the item.

Equipping Gear
Touch the weapon, Armor, or Accessory button to equip gear from your inventory.
Press the ‘Optimize’ button to equip the strongest gear you have automatically.

L'PhaLcia Points (LCP)
LCP can be used to buy valuable items.
LCP is shared across all save files,but purchased items cannot be shared across files.
LCP can be acquired as an in-app purchase or earned in game.

ln-App Purchases
Makes purchases through the System Screen in Menu
Purchases require a network connection.

Earning LCP In Game
You can earn LCP by defeating powerful foes across the map
They will move once you defeat them. If you defeat the same enemy you will gain less LCP than before

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