Monday, September 15, 2014

Race Team Manager Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Pit Stop
Monitor your current tyre wear and fuel consumption.
When either reaches zero it will automatically call a pit stop.
However you can call pit stop without reaching zero.

Driving Style
You can change your driving style during a race.
Switch to Aggressive for more overtake opportunities.
Cautious to avoid pit stop but not so aggressive.
Driving Aggressive increases Tyre wear and Fuel consumption.

Stats are divided into: Power, Handling, Efficiency.

When the service indicator hits zero, the service center will have to do a strip down and rebuild.
Adjust Driving Style to prolong vehicle life.
Service center mechanic level increases by avoiding crashes.
Sponsor level increases by hitting their targets.

It's a development race through the season, so keep the upgrades coming to stay competitive.
Upgrades influence our qualifying position and competitiveness on race day.

Driver:A pro Driver will qualify higher up the grid.
Facilities: is the hub of race team. Each addition will improve staff levels or increase vehicle performance.

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