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Pet Shop Story: Electric 80s Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Running a pet shop and caring for the pets is a lot of fun, but there are many parts to it! This page can help you out if you have questions about how something works. There are several important aspects to getting your pet shop to be the best it can be: Buying Pets, Breeding Babies in the Nursery, Cross-Breeding with the Designer, Collecting from your Pets and Customizing Your Shop.

Buying Pets
Buying pets for your shop is super easy and super fun!
Step 1: tap on the Market.
Step 2: tap on Pets.
Step 3: choose the pet you want, tap on it and place it's playpen on an empty area in your shop.
Step 4: The first of each pet you purchase from the Market will come with their own playpen. You can only have one playpen for each breed of pet. It may take time for the new playpen to finish building. You can always instantly complete this process by tapping the construction plot and using gems.
Step 5: Buy a mate for your pet by tapping on the playpen and selecting "Buy Mate".

Breeding Babies in the Nursery
Once you have two adults of the same pet, you can breed babies in the nursery. The more pets you have in a family, the more money that pet family earns for the shop! You must have an empty bed for each pet you wish to breed. If all your beds are full, you can either purchase a new one, or wait for the baby in the first bed to finish growing.
After the baby has finished growing, you must return to the nursery to move it to its playpen with its family. If you wait too long, the baby may become sick, so check on them often or turn on push notifications and the nursery will let you know when the baby is healthy!

Cross-Breeding with the Designer
After your shop reaches a certain level, you can visit the designer. With the designer, you can try to pair up pets to make an entirely new breed. There are many new breeds for your shop that you can only get by experimenting with the designer.
When buying new pets from the market, look for the heart collar icon. That means it can be taken to the designer to make a new breed!
Step 1: tap on the Designer icon.
Step 2: tap a pillow to use, or unlock a new one. You must have an empty pillow for each pet you wish to cross-breed.
Step 3: choose a pet for the left side.
Step 4: choose a pet for the right side. The list will be automatically narrowed to partners fit for your first pet. If you don't have any of the partners, you can buy one or try a different first pet.
Step 5: the new baby pet will take time to grow with the designer. When it has finished growing, you must return to the designer breeder to move it to your shop. If you wait too long, the baby may become sick, so check on them often or turn on push notifications and the designer will let you know when the baby is healthy!

Collecting from your Pets
You will earn coins by collecting them from pets after a certain period of time has passed. Tap on the pets with the yellow "Collect" and the coins will pop out. Tap on them to pick them up and add them to your total.
Afterwards you will see a "Feed" sign. Tap your pets then to care for them and experience points will pop out. As you collect experience points, your level goes up. Higher level shops gain access to new pets, displays, and features like the designer breeder.

Customizing Your Shop
You can customize your shop in any way that you like - focus on dogs, or arrange all the pet types in aisles. To find items to place in your shop, open the Market in the lower right corner of the main screen.
Once the Market is open you can browse the various categories and choose items in each to purchase and place in your shop. To purchase an item you can either tap on it and tap again at the location you'd like to place it or drag it to where you want to place it and tap the green check mark to confirm. That's all there is to it!
You can move playpens or items you've already placed in your shop by tapping "MOVE" on the main screen. On this screen you may tap any object, drag it to a new location, and then tap the green check mark to confirm its new location. Tap the Done button when there's nothing else you want to move around.
You can also choose to put the item into storage or sell it. Think twice before you sell, because you may have to work hard to get it back! To pull an item out of storage, tap the Storage button under the main menu, or while you're in MOVE mode.
That should be enough to get you started and running a happy and profitable shop! There are many other fun things you can do in Pet Shop Story, including playing with others. If you're interested in details about these features, please read the sections below.

Pet Shop Story is more fun when you play with friends and join in the community.
The Community is composed of everyone who plays Pet Shop Story. You can help members of the Community by visiting their shops or writing an encouraging comment on their walls. To find members of the Community, open the Social page from the Main Menu and tap the Community tab. From here you can view a list of several Community members and go to their shops by tapping the Visit button.
Playing with pets while you are visiting their shop will grant them bonus experience and coins and will increase your Social Rating. Your Social Rating is displayed at the bottom of the shop you are visiting and can range from 0 hearts to a full 4 hearts. A higher Social Rating increases your chances of appearing at the top of the Community list when other players are looking for a shop to visit. Keep in mind that you can only play with a limited number of pets at each shop you visit per day, so if you want to get a Social Rating of 4, you will need to help several Community members or Neighbors (explained in the Playing With Friends section).

Creating A Storm8 ID
Before you can add Neighbors (explained in the Playing With Friends section) you must first create a Storm8 ID. To create a Storm8 ID open the Social page from the Main Menu and tap the Invite tab. If you already have a Storm8 ID it will be displayed at the top of the page. If you do not have a Storm8 ID, you will have to sign up for one. Remember that when choosing a Storm8 ID this is what you will give to other players if you want them to invite you as a Neighbor, so be sure that you choose wisely.

Playing With Friends
You can become Neighbors with your friends from other TeamLava and Storm8 games or become Neighbors with Community members you've met in Pet Shop Story. A Neighbor is similar to a Community member but you can send them gifts, and feed more pets in their shop each visit. To become Neighbors you need to follow these easy steps:
Step 1: open the Social page from the Main Menu, tap the Invite tab and signup for a Storm8 ID if you haven't already.
Step 2: tap the empty box next to the "Friend's Storm8 ID" text, enter your friend's Storm8 ID, and tap Invite.
You have now invited someone to be your Neighbor. They won't show up as your Neighbor until they accept the invite.
Likewise, other players can invite you to be their Neighbor using your Storm8 ID. To see if someone has invited you to become their Neighbor, open the Social page and tap the Invite tab. Neighbor Requests that you have received will be displayed and you can either accept or decline them.

Giving Gifts to Your Friends
To give a Gift to another player, you must first add them as a Neighbor. You can then send a Gift either directly through the Neighbors page by tapping the Gift button next to their name or by visiting a Neighbor's shop and then tapping the Gift icon on the right side of the screen. When you send a gift, you are not giving up items you already have, and it doesn't cost anything. It is like buying your friends presents for completely free!
Receiving Gifts From Neighbors
When a Neighbor sends you a gift, a News icon will appear above the main menu icon. Tap it to open it and accept or decline the gifts you've been sent. There will be an option to send a return gift. The gifts you receive will be placed in your storage. Access your storage through the main menu.

The notepad on the screen is a list of goals for your shop. By completing goals, you will earn rewards. These rewards could be coins, experience points, or new pets and displays!
When you tap the notepad, there will be a list of all your current goals. New goals will appear as you level up your shop or complete previous goals. The rewards can be seen on the right side. Tapping a goal shows you all the things you need to do to complete that goal. There can be up to 3 tasks. Some goals are multi-part. To get the item reward, you must complete all parts of that goal and fill the entire line leading up to the prize.

There is often a button by a task that will take you to the right place to complete it. Next to that, you may see a "Skip" button. If you'd rather not do the task, but still want the prize, you can press Skip and use gems to mark the task completed without having to do it.

Your shop doesn't have to stay the same size as it starts out. You can hire a construction crew to expand it! You can either tap the arrow on the edge of your shop (the first one is in the upper right) or tap Market, then Expansions. Each expansion will require coins and Permits to hire the crew. You can get Permits by asking your neighbors or purchasing them with gems. The construction crew will require some time to finish the expansion, but you can hurry them along by tipping them with gems.

Shop Rating & Daily Rewards
Your shop rating is a quick look at how well your shop is doing for its level. The best shop rating is 5 stars. You can tap the stars in the upper left hand corner for a tip on how to raise your shop rating. You will also see that your total rating is determined by 4 categories.

Pet Variety: Increase this rating by having a larger number of different types of pets in your shop. For example, if you have one border collie and buy it a mate, this rating will not go up. But if you buy a bulldog, then it will.
Nursery: Increase this rating by breeding and placing more babies in your shop.
Store Displays: Purchase displays from the market to increase this rating. More valuable displays will increase this quicker.
Shop Size: Increase this rating by completing expansions to your pet shop.
Once per day, when you play you will earn daily rewards. The amount you earn increases with your shop rating. To earn as many coins as possible, try to keep a 5 star shop rating!

You can earn rare pets for your shop by completing collections of other pets. Collections consist of complete families (2 adults and 2 babies) of three different specific pets. To see the collections, tap Main Menu, then collections. There are many different collections to complete and great pets to earn. Can you complete them all?

Playpen Upgrades
After you've completed a pet family (2 adults and 2 babies), you can upgrade their playpen. Tap the pet and then tap upgrade. By upgrading, you will improve the appearance of the playpen, and increase the amount of coins the family earns for the shop. You can upgrade each playpen twice. After the final upgrade, you will be rewarded with additional coins and experience points for achieving the perfect play place for the little family.

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