Friday, September 5, 2014

Etherlords Guides Cheats - iPhone Android Game

  • Each color is a different type of terrain.
  • When you complete new zones, you earn a valuable resource - Ether!
  • You can earn Matter by fighting other etherlords in the arena of the Gods.
  • Fusing your creatures in the skylab will increase their power. We call this process Fusion.
  • All creatures can be fused. They are all made of the First Etherlord, who binds them together.
  • When you fuse creatures in the Skylab you multiply their strengths, bringing them closer to the image of the First Etherlord.
  • You need a vessel to star - a base creature to hold the souls, knowledge, and experience of the other creatures.
  • Now choose the warriors whose abilities you don't care much about - their souls will be combined in the base creatures.
  • Note that creatures of the same race give each other more experience.
  • Identical creatures always make a perfect match.
  • You might need ether for fusion, You earn it when you restore worlds.
  • Ether is required for the base creature to move on to the next level. The stronger it gets, the more Ether is required.
  • You will get free ether for each daily login you do. You'll get grand prize in 20 days!
  • Connect to facebook and receive a rare creature!

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