Friday, September 5, 2014

All Star Quarterback Guides Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Practicing plays will level them up. Do this enough and plays will consume less energy and yield better results during games.

All this training has drained your energy levels. If you want to make the team you'll need to keep these higher.

Each individual play has an associated risk and energy cost. Pick the one most suitable to your current needs.

Social Approval
To become a real superstar you'll need to keep all these people happy.
If you have the fans and media onside you'll be able to attract top sponsors.
Team chemistry is crucial for improving on field results.
And if our relationship were to break down, you could find yourself on the sidelines.

Training regularly will not only keep the coach happy but also unlock new plays in your playbook, which will help to improve game results.

Purchasing lifestyle items will have a huge impact on your career and allow you to reach the very top!

Your contract has some additional bonuses built in.

User Missions
Complete all of these objectives to earn bonus rewards, return here often to check your progress.

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