Monday, August 18, 2014

Tap Sports Baseball Guide Cheats - Batter's Tips for Android iPhone Game

Tap Sports Baseball by GLU Guide for Android/iPhone Game

Batter's tips
·         A batter's HITTING rating shows his ability to make contact with the ball and get on base.
·         A batter's POWER rating determines how far he can drive the ball.
·         A batter's SPEED rating affects how fast he runs the bases.
·         A batter's BUNT rating influences his execution when bunting.
Pitcher's tips
·         A pitcher's ARM rating shows how hard he throws the ball.
·         A pitcher's CONTROL rating determines a pitcher's accuracy throwing the ball.
·         A pitcher's STUFF rating measures how tough his pitches are to hit
Other's tips
·         Swing later to try to place the ball to the opposite field
·         Swing earlier to try to pull the ball for power
·         Right Handed batters have more success against Left Handed pitchers, and vice-versa
·         Use in-game Chat to trash talk with your opponent!
·         Check your opponent's pitches to know what breaks to expect
·         Resigning can cost you a Division Win
·         As you acquire players, you can Trade your extras for Draft Picks
·         Consider a Pinch Hitter in a tight game when you need a lefty against a righty
·         Once your pitcher is fading, consider a call to the bullpen

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