Monday, August 18, 2014

Chroisen 2 Guide Cheats - Fusion Tips for Android iPhone Game

The Chronicles of Chroisen 2 Classic Styled RPG Guide

Strengthen & Enchanting Guide

The equipment and costume for the character can be strengthened and enchanted, Strengthening and Enchanting increase stats for attack power, avoid rate, hit rate and etc,
Strengthening requires a strengthening stone and you can strenghten up to +20 Strength, If you fail, the equipment stat will decrease or the equipment will be destroyed,+ 2 strength critical will occur in consistent rates, and a protect book can prevent straightening failure.
Enchanting requires a magic stone and depending on the equipment level, you can enchant up to three times.

Fusion Guide

Sometimes equipment of higher level can be created through a fusion of rain and the costume. Dropped items and recipe items can be fused as well and can be used to arrange items.

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