Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Starship Turret Operator Guy Guide Cheats: Hints, Tips and Strategy

Starship Turret Guide Cheats for iPhone and Android

How to Play

  • Blast incoming enemies to earn credits and points.
  • Use credits in the shop to upgrade your turret's power
  • Every 5th wave is a  challenge wave. Try your best to achieve a perfect score.
  • If the ship takes too much damage, you're FIRED! Good Luck

All Upgrades list

Crit Hit
Increases chance for extra damage

Bomb Power
Increase bomb damage

Side Cannons
Adds an extra cannon to your turret

Lasers travel through enemies

Expansion Slots
Unlocks auxiliary turret slots

Auto Repair
Automatically repairs the star-ship

Max Health
Increase ships max health

Reload Rate
Decreases reload times

Increase max ammo

Fire Rate
Increase rate of fire

Enemies take more damage

Increase number of lasers fired

Upgrades Priority List (In-Order)

  • Damage
  • Multishot
  • Fire Rate
  • Auto Repair
  • Pierce
  • Max Health
  • Side Cannons
  • Reload Rate
  • Ammo
  • Crit Hit
  • Bomb Power
  • Expansion Slots

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