Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Expendables: Recruits Guide Cheats: Hints, Tips and Strategy

The Expendables: Recruits Guide Cheats for iPhone and Android

Easy Difficulty

Shooting Targets
Tap to Shoot. Aim for Blue or Red Targets
Tip: Spam the fire button to a single target. It takes 2 seconds to finish the level.

Avoid Shells
Tilt Device to maneuver airplane. Avoid the Anti-Aircraft Shells

Assembling the ak-47
Assemble the ak-47! Tap and Drag components into place
Tip: Easy if you already know the the pattern

Chopper Landing
Land The Chopper. Don't Stray offscreen!

Chopper Missile
Tap and Drag to lock on to chopper. Release to Fire Missile.

Gun Reloading
Tap and Drag The Bullets to the clip then load the gun

Cutting Wires
Cut the Blue, Yellow or Red Wire! Tap to move the pliers

Medium Difficulty

Chuck Knife
Tap and Drag to charge your throw. Release to Chuck Knife
Tip: Throw at full power!

Avoid Vents
Tap and Hold to Jump. Avoid the vents!

Swipe Up to jump and Down to couch. Tap to Shoot! Don't get shot!
Tip: Take your time to cover and shoot!

Aim and Shoot Vehicles
Tilt to aim Mounted Gun. Destroy enemy Vehicles

Hard Difficulty

Avoid Missiles
Tilt Device to change altitude avoid incoming missiles

Avoid Cars
Tilt to steer. Avoid the wrecked cars.

Avoid Sea Mines
Tilt to Steer Boat. Avoid the sea mines.

Flappy Choppy
Your Chopper is damaged! Tap to keep it in the air!

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