Friday, August 22, 2014

Star Wars: Commander Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Gameplay Guide

  • Build and Upgrade your base defenses.
  • Train Troops to attack and defeat the rebel alliance.
  • Join a Squad to team up with other players.

Defenses Guide

Wall: Walls are a basic and effective form of defense best suited to protecting valuable targets such as resource storage, HQ and turrets. Upgrading walls increase their health.

Shield Generator: Shield Generators form a deflective radius around themselves protecting anything insede from damage until the generator is destroyed or the shiekd is collapsed. Upgrading a shield generator increases the shields health and radius.

Army Guide

Barracks: The barracks is where you train infantry to use in battle. After each battle you will need to retrain troops to replace troops expended in battle. Upgrading the barracks unlocks new types of infantry with more specialized roles.

Unit Transport: The Unit Transport are where your infantry and vehicles are stored prior to being deployed in battle.

Hero Command: The Hero command is where you recruit heroes from accross the galaxy to aid you in your war effort. Heroes must be recruited after each time they are used.

Resources Guide

Credit Market: Credit Markets are automated facilities that trade credits on the galactic market.

Alloy Refinary: Alloy Refinaries generate alloy used in building and upgrading your base from locally procured resources.

Credit Vault: Credit Vaults are fortified building that store your accumulated credits while you're waiting to spend them.

Alloy Depot: Alloy Depots store your accumulated alloy for use in upgrading and building your base.

Turrets Guide

Rapid Fire Turret: Rapid Fire Turrets are a good general purpose; single target; medium damage turret that is moderately good against most targets.

Mortar Turret: Mortars lob explosive bundles in an arc at incomming enemies dealing moderate damage to a medium area.

Burst Turret: Burst Turrets are manned by groups of infantry using mounted guns. They are highly effective against single targets.