Friday, August 22, 2014

Assassin's Creed Memories Cheats Guide - Gameplay and Strategy Tips

Assassin's Creed Memories for Android and iPhone Game Guide

An expert at picking off targets from range.

A brawler who dives head first into the fray.

A stealthy killer who can strike from anywhere.

GvG Battles are the heart of the game!
Everything in GvG uses Action Points or AP. It's a pretty rare resource, so plan carefuly.
Most actions earn Battle Points, or BP. for your Guild. It's basicallly your score. More BP = WIN.

Green Buff and Red De-buff icons help determine the battle status.

Edward Kenway / Furry (3min)
Release a flurry of attacks, dealing Melee damage to the entire enemy Front Line.

Niccolo Machiavelli / Synchronicity (15min)
Resynchronize a fallen teammate so that they can rejoin the battle.

Achilles Davenport / Dialed in (Passive)
When equipped your ranged attack is increased by 10% during battle.

1. Compete in daily Guild vs Guild (GvG) Battles!
2. Finish Missions to level up your character and collect resources!
3. Use resources to get more allies, weapons, and armor that help you in GvG battles!

You can Augment Allies to make them stronger! 
You can use Data Merge to combine an ally with an equal or lesser copy, creating a better version!
Much better! Remember to use Data Merge to get the most powerful Allies. You should also mess around with normal Augmentation to make your Gear and Allies more effective.

Each Mission Era has it own Locations and Assassination Target. It takes stamina to scope out the map and progress through.
Every time you successfully complete an objective, your consecutive success bonus goes up!

Hire mercenaries with Contracts to get valuable resources. The normal contrack takes 8 hours, but you can pay the mercs to go faster. 
AP boost especially useful to get the edge in GVG. Plan your contracts with GvG times.