Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sherlock: The Network Guide Cheats - Mind Palace and Tips

Sherlock: The Network for Android and iPhone Game Guide

Map Guide

While solving cases you'll score Points based on your speed and detective skills.
Points determine your place on the leaderboard.

On the map, PINCH OPEN or DOUBLE TAP to zoom in PINCH CLOSE to zoom out.

When close enough, you can see items around you to pick up SINGLE TAP on the them to collect them. You can pick up MONEY useful INVENTORY ITEMS, and fun trivia about the TV Show.

SINGLE TAP anywhere on the map to walk in that direction. (This is called Freeplay)
When in Freeplay mode, you can collect any items you come across = but you'll also be using up time, costing you valuable points.

The Menu icon will bring your menu screen at any time when on this map.

The Case Timer will tell you how long you have been on the current case.
Chathead Icons will appear in the bottom right when you have messages from sherlock or others to view.
Good Luck. You can also access this from the help screen in the SETTINGS page, found in MENU.

Travel Guide

WALKING - This is the slowest form of getting amount but if you've got no cash it may be the only option
UNDERGROUND - Go Underground! Take the London rail, but make sure that you change at the right stop!
TAXI - If you can cover the fare, take a taxi. Be careful. as the city can get gridlocked. Try to weave your way through traffic.

Decoder Guide

The aim is to get the right combination as fast as possible.
You can SCORE up to 1000 points based on how quickly you find the combination. Bonus 200 points for cracking it in the first 5 attempts.

Pick a set of NUMBERS from the bottom of the screen.

When you've completed an attempt, you'll be told how many numbers were correct.

The first column to the right of the orange line tells the right position in the combination.

The second column shows how many of your digits are part of the combination.

The second column shows how many of your digits are part of the combination BUT currently in the wrong position.

Tip: A number will not appear more than once in the correct answers code.

Mind Palace Guide

This where you deduce the truth once all clues are found each case. You can visit the Mind Palace at any time, but only once you have all the clues (Mind Palace Words) will you be able to find the solution.

To use the Mind Palace, just pick the words that you think are relevant. Tapping them will bring them into focus at the bottom of the screens. Once you have chosen three words, your selection is complete. If these three are the right words you will have solved the case. If any of them are incorrect, all three words will return to the mix.

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