Monday, August 11, 2014

Pixel Hero Guide Cheats - Abilities, Hints, Tips and The Strategy

PixelHero for Android and iPhone Game Guide

Max HP
Max HP will not increase your defense literally but it will increase your Max HP pool. For every level up you do, you're HP pool will be fully restored. Use this opportunity to save potions in the game.

Attack will increase your damage output. Increase your attack and aim for a 1 hit kill because every attack you do, the enemy will attack you also. So it is better to receive 1 hit damage and gain exp than receive 2 hit damage but receive the same exp.

Defence will make you tougher and stay longer in the battle. If you upgrade both Max HP and Defence, you can survive more hits while waiting for your character to level up.

Dodge Speed
Upgrading this will make your character run fast horizontally so that you can hit more enemies or quickly reach them to attack. Level 2 upgrade is already enough.

Items In-Game Shop
All items in shop are consumable and some of them are very expensive. All of them can be obtain or can be loot from enemies except for the key. The key is the most cheapest in the shop and also the most useful item in the shop. You can open treasures by using a key. Yellow treasures can give you more coins while Purple treasures can give you some diamonds!

Pets acts like your passive skill. Each pets have different bonuses such as increasing your critical damage, removing debuffs. Pets can be upgraded up to level 5! Luckily upgrades are much very much cheaper.

Monster Book
This is your "achievements" or monster killed log. You can gain coins or gems when you reach certain requirements.

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