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LOL Fantasy Guides Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Q: Where can I get heroes?

A: You can summon heroes in Altar. There are three modes in the Altar. Basic Points to summon in Basic Summon, Gold to summon in Supreme Summon, and Medals to exchange for specific hero in Medal Exchange. Also you can get some hero warsouls in Mystic Shop or Explore to combine into a specific hero.

Q: What is the fastest way to level up my heroes?

A: You can fortify your heroes in Barracks. That’s the normal rate of leveling. However, the fastest way involves using specific cards to fortify your cards. One general rule of thumb to remember is that the higher the number of Stars a card has, the more experience will transfer during fortification.

Q: What’s AP, and what’s Energy?

A: AP is used when you fight in Normal/Elite/Event dungeons. Energy is used for your battle in Arena (both in Grab Pieces and Ladder.)

Q: What should I do if my Energy and AP are insufficient?

A: 1. The fast way to get Energy and AP is to buy them in Shop> Buy Energy or AP
   2. The second way is to wait patiently. Energy will recover one point every 30 minutes and the AP will recover 1 point every 5 minutes. And you can also get the AP when you level up and defeat the Dragons.

Q: How many types of hero are there in the game?

A: 1. The first type is: Paper, Scissors and Rock.
  2. The second type is Physical Attack (PATK), Magic Attack (MATK), and True Attack (TATK).
  3. The third type is distinguished by the fighting status of heroes in battles, which includes Bravery, Tactics and Cunning.

Q: When I can’t pass the map, what should I do?

A: You can fortify heroes, evolve heroes to improve heroes’ power. You can also summon stronger heroes (5&6 star hero), tap them in different lane before the battle or change the hero formation to improve the power.

Q: What’s the difference in the star of hero?

A: The higher heroes’ star, the stronger the heroes. Players can get Gold and Medals to summon the powerful heroes in Altar.

Q: What’s the Medal used for?

A: The Medal is used to exchange heroes in the Altar.

Q: Where can I get the medals?

A: You can get Medals in Supreme Summon. Every Supreme Summon will give you Medal. Also you can get by drawing prize after battles in Arena. In some events you can also get Medals.

Q: How to change heroes?

A: Click the member in your Formation> Position> Click the hero you want to change> change member.

Q: Where can I get the Essence Gourd, Skill Biscuit and Tacit Drink?

A: Players have a chance to get Essence Gourd, Skill Biscuit and Tacit Drink in Expedition.

Q: How can I get a gift code from LOL Fantasy?

A: You can get the gift code from the events and you can enter a gift code into your LOL Fantasy game if you tap System>Exchange Rewards

Q: What is L coin used for?

A: The L coin is used for forting your heroes and equipment. You can also use it to buy items in Shop.

Q: What is Dust used for? Where can I get Dust?

A: The Dust is mainly used for Enchanting. You can get the corresponding colors of Dust if you detach the same colors of equipment.

Q: Where can I get Skill Book?

A: You can get the Skill Book from Wild Area and Grab it in Arena.

Q: What is Potential used for? Where can I get it?

A: Potential is one of the initial attributes of gears, which is used for refining. The potential of gears will be converted to other attributes or flaw during refining. When the potential of a gear goes to zero, it can’t be refined any more. Forging your gears, their potentials increase as level up.

Q: What is Flaw used for? Where can I get it?

A: Flaw is one of the attributes of gears, which is produced during refining. If the flaw of one gear reaches 100, it can’t be refined any more. Refining with gold may decrease the flaw of gears.
How can I get VIP EXP? I have recharged, but my VIP EXP does not increase, why?

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