Friday, August 29, 2014

Castle Fantasia Guides Cheats - Android iPhone Game

Castle Fantasia by GLU Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

  • You need workers(cabin) in order to build structures in town.
  • You'll need Gold and Lumber to build more structures.
  • You'll need a Gold Silo to store all of your Gold.
  • Whenever a Gold symbol appears over the Gold Mine, tap it to store the Gold in the Gold Silo.
  • Abundant resources will attract plundering enemies, Build a defense towers to defend against enemy attacks.
  • Offense is the best defense! Build a Camp to train soldiers.
  • First and foremost in developing your town is upgrading your Castle.
  • You can strengthen your town by summoning heroes. Build a Hero altar where a hero can dwell.
  • You'll need 30 star tokens to summon heroes.
  • Remember, when heroes are awake, they will patrol the town and fight off approaching enemies.
  • A rune is an important item that'll help you develop your town.
  • A Rune's powers will only activate when equipped on a hero. Always remember to equip them on your heroes.
  • A Blueprint is an item that modifies combat structures to add special abilities. You can obtain Blueprints from the Summon Item menu.