Sunday, August 3, 2014

Kitchen Scramble Guide - Hints: Cheats and Tips

Kitchen Scramble Guide iPhone and Android

  • Upgrade your appliances! Upgraded appliances cook faster and burn slower.
  • Buy the Holding Plate as soon as you can. It's a useful place to put things down.
  • Premium appliances are the best! They're much faster than the regular upgrades.
  • Use Premium Ingredients to boost your score on a level. They really help!
  • Different towns have different Location Goals. To see another town's Location Goals, click the Welcome sign.
  • Complete Location Goals to earn big Star Token rewards!
  • Practice makes perfect! Practicing new recipes will help you maximize your score.
  • Buy the Coffee Pot in Waffleton as soon as you can! It gives your customers more patience.
  • The Instant Dish boost will instantly serve a customer their order, especially useful for the Food Critic!
  • The game is loading. Might as well send some Premium Ingredients to your friends!
  • Different dishes have different prices. Prioritize the high-priced items for maximum score!
  • A Heart Crystal instantly fills the heart meter into heart bonus mode. They're only dropped by 5-heart customers.
  • In Heart Bonus Mode, you'll earn bonus coins for every delivery, and customer patience goes up to full hearts.
  • Mystery Customers show * for their order. They'll take anything. But they'll really pay big for their secret desire.
  • On a timed level, it's a good strategy to serve the 5-heart customers first.
  • The Iced Tea machine works just like the Coffee Pot. More customer patience!
  • Don't feel bad about throwing away items. It doesn't cost anything, and it's all organically composted!
  • You can serve anything to a Mystery Customer ... even Grits!
  • The Hipster is a big fan of eggs and pesto, but not at the same time.
  • Open the Market to see what new appliance upgrades you've unlocked!
  • On an un-timed level, leave the coins on the counter as long as possible. Use the extra time to pre-make items for the next customers.
  • Always be caffeinating. Don't wait until you need coffee, always have a pot brewing.
  • You can leave finished batters in the mixer or the bowl. You'll be a step closer to a final product but not at risk for burning.

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