Sunday, August 3, 2014

RE-VOLT 2 Guide Cheats - Upgrade Hints and Tips

REVOLT 2 for Android and iPhone Game Guide

Basic Hints

It needs 10 minutes to recharge a single battery so enable notification in this app to remind you if you have a full batteries.
Every Level up, you can gain crystals (1)

Aim at 1st place to get more coins!
Here's an example of a same stage in Re-volt 2

Race Ranking 2
Coins: 1680
Exp: 250
Race Ranking 1
Coins: 5200
Exp: 300

You can enter the Bonus stage if you dominated the area.
In Bonus Stage, get the most coins for a limited period of time. Don't worry it doesn't cost batteries

Invite or Accept new friends so you can gain SP by sending gifts to your friends.
You can also gain up to 150 gifts. Gifts have expiration periods, so remember!

Race Tips

Attain 1st position as soon as possible! here's the list of reasons on why you should do it as soon as possible.

  • There is no competition in getting power-ups.
  • No collision from other cars.
  • It is very easy to further the gap from other cars.
  • You have more time to regain the top position if you were hit or surpass by other cars.
  • More focus in finishing the race.
Be careful that you may go to a wrong route, so be aware of the signs and the route you may encounter.
Collect power-ups to get boost or attack other cars.
Pay attention to the ramps and moving objects.
Upgrade your car to achieve 1st position more easier.

Car Upgrades

Basic Upgrades:

  • Top Speed 
  • Acceleration
  • Handling
  • Stability


  • Special Tunings
  • Painting (Additional percentage of bonus coins for each play)

Item Upgrade:

  • Missile 
  • Water Bomb
  • Shockwave
  • Electropulse
  • Oil
  • Iron Ball,
  • Turbo
  • Star


Buy crystal or coins in the shop using real money to upgrade cars, get special power-ups and etc.
You can also exchange your crystal to gain coins or batteries in shop.

Ways to get Free Batteries!
  • Post a twit on twitter to receive batteries.
  • Post on Facebook to receive batteries.
  • Free Batteries: A one time chance free batteries.
  • Like on Facebook: Click like on the official Facebook page.
  • Follow on twitter: Follow the official twitter account!
  • Like on Youtube.
  • Click "Like" on the official Youtube site!
  • All Stop: costs 1 crystal.
  • Exp +50%: costs 500 coins.
  • 1st Start: costs 200 coins.
  • Item Box: costs 200 coins.
You can get Tickets by exchanging it with SP or Crystals.

Earn rewards in Jackpot such as coins, batteries, diamonds, All Stops, Exp +50%, 1st Start, Item box or a car!