Friday, August 1, 2014

Deep Loot Cheats Guide - Equipments and Tips

Deep Loot for Android and iPhone Game Guide

Deep Loot is an underwater loot em up with a focus on collecting rare loot. completing missions and diving as deep as you can!
One of the most important things to remember is that the game will not move until you do.

This means you won't be penalized for having to catch your bus. If you want a quick slurp of your tea or if the bathroom suddenly beckons! It also allows you to plan your moves and explore the ocean at your own pace. That's not to say you can't rush around like a bull in a china-shop.

Another Important thing to note is that you will use up air from your air tank every time you move, drill or attack.

Being attacked and collecting loot will also consume air. Don't worry about running out through as you will simply swim back to the surface to enjoy some nice bonuses and count your hard earned cash.

To move around the ocean simply tap where you wish to move and the diver will workout the most efficient way of getting there. You can also tap and hold the screen to draw out a path and plan your move with greater precision. Simple taps will also allow you to attack creatures collect loot and open chests.

You have three types of equipment to help you take on the many challenges of the ocean. Although they don't  always come cheap you'll find that upgrading your equipment is essential for taking on tougher enemies, mining for valuable materials and exploring the very deepest depths.

Air Tank
Every Action Underwater requires air so be sure to upgrade your air tank! Doing so will allow you to dive for longer and take more hits from enemies.

Nothing beats your trusty drill for getting around the vast ocean with ease and by upgrading your drill you'll be able to get around quicker and tackle those tougher deeper blocks with ease.

As you move away from shallow waters, you will find a variety of creatures eager to attack. Use your harpoon to take out troublesome foes and generally cause trouble. The better your harpoon the more damage you will dish out!

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