Friday, August 1, 2014

AntiSquad Tactics Guide - Hints: Cheats and Tips

Anti Squad Tactics iPhone Android Game HINTS

Often Dead? Upgrade will solve this problem.

You can Zoom in and Out with your camera.

Knife Attack
Who better then teddy for taking out strong enemies with only a knife?

Some goods are disabled on the equip screen, but you can pull them out of the chest and view a greater variety of products.

Some of the goods can only be pulled out of an Army Box or Secured Container.

Carton box
Check them more often.

Teddy easily crafts armor for the whole Team. But these dummies find a way to lose it every time.

Binoculars CTE755
A new tactical binoculars. It increases the shooting range of any character by one call.

You can see debuffs over an enemy's head. For more details, double tap the enemy's avatar.

Pamphlet on Basic Survival Skills
Have you read the pamphlet yet? It is very useful to learn how to counterattack even when your AP have dropped to zero.

Warning Sign
A red and yellow warning sign under a character or enemy's head means a counter attack is possible.

Army Box.
I do enjoy opening it: it's like Christmas every time.

Tap and hold to find out how a certain skills works.

Innovate items
Innovate items only available to skilled characters.