Saturday, August 16, 2014

Champ Man 15 Guide Cheats - Get Coaching Badge and Tips for Android iPhone Game

Champ Man 15 Coaching Badge Guide

Manager Rating Guide

In Champ Man it's all about your manager rating. As your experience grows, so does your manager rating. You will be awarded rating points for various activities in the game including playing matches, improving your team, winning competitions, upgrading your staff and developing your club facilities. The more successful you are, the faster your rating increases. You can compare your manager rating to that of your friends by viewing the game center leader boards from the manager suite.

CM Coaching Badge Guide

To manage the top clubs in the world you need to have the right credentials. In Champ Man you earn your CM coaching badge when your manager rating reaches a certain level. Alternatively you can buy your CM Coaching Badge early via an in-app purchase if you wish to manage one of the top teams straight away.

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