Saturday, August 16, 2014

Pillage People Guide Cheats - Tips for Android iPhone Game

Pillage People Guide

When Pillaging a town, tap your units icon to select which unit to disperse.

You can get bonus gems from removing obstacles from your camp.

You can get bonus EXP from removing obstacles from your camp.

Unlock the mercenary hut by upgrading your keep to level 3.

Mana would be made available once you construct a temple.

Repair the shrine of knowledge to unlock other races.

You can transfer resources from race to another by using the shrine of knowledge.

Construct a portal to transfer your troops from one race to another.

Want to safekeep your keep? You can purchase a shield good for 1 day, 2 days and 1 week.

Garrison Houses troops which can be used in an attack or when defending the keep.

Shield will activate if your town was destroyed.

You'll lose your shield if you attack another player while it is active.

You can play the campaign and still keep your shield.

Upgrade your keep to unlock new buildings and upgrade levels for your current buildings.

You can play your account across devices by logging into your facebook account.

Traps are hidden from attackers until they are in range.

Defensive structures can't attack while they are being upgraded.

Gold Mine and Farm won't produce resources while they are being upgraded.

Medals that you win are deducted from your opponent's medal count.

Upgrade your troops to increase their attributes.

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