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Ascension Guide Cheats - RuleBook Tips for Android iPhone Game

Ascension Chronicle of the Godslayer Guide Cheats

Runes: Runes are one of the two main resources in Ascension. Runes are used to acquire Heroes and Constructs so you can add them to your deck.

Power: Power is the second resource in Ascension. Power is used to defeat Monsters and earn rewards.

Honor: Honor is the key to victory in Ascension. Whoever earns the most Honor throughout the game wins and earns the title of Godslayer!

1. Play cards from your hand to gain Runes, Power and Honor. Acquire Heroes and Constructs for future turns. Defeat Monsters for Honor and rewards.

2. After you are done acquiring Heroes and Constructs and defeating Monster, all cards in your hand placed into your discard pile.

3.You are dealt five cards from your personal deck to replenish your hand. If you run out of cards, your discard pile will automatically be shuffled and the cards will be moved to your personal deck.

Acquiring Heroes and Constructs Guide

You need Runes to acquire Heroes and Constructs. Runes come from Heroes played from your hand or from construct you have to play. You may acquire any number of cards as long as you have enough runes. Cards that are eligible to be acquires will glow green.

Defeating Monsters Guide

To defeat a monster, you must have enough power. You may defeat any number of monsters as long as you have enough Power. Cards that are eligible to be defeated will glow red.

Game End Guide

The game ends when a certain amount of Honor has been earned, depending on the number of players.
2 Players = 60 honor 3 Players = 75 Honor 4 Players = 90 Honor

When the final honor points is earned, the game ends at the end of the current round (after the last player to start the game takes a turn) Thus, each player will play the same number of turns during the course of the game and may still gain. Honor even when the Honor pool is depleted.

Cards in each player's deck are also worth. Honor points; indicated by the number in the honor symbol in the bottom left corner of each card. When the game is over, all Honor points form Heroes and Constructs in your deck and hand are added to the honor your gained during the game. The player with most total honor is the winner.

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