Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fish Out Of Water! Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Fish Out Of Water! Guide

How to get high score and crystal in Fish Out Of Water by Halfbrick Studios?

Each fish skips very differently!
After your third throw you will be scored on your combined total of both skips and distance.

Each crab judges you differently. For example, Distance Dorothy cares much more about distance than skips. You can also tap on the crabs to learn more about their personalities.

Distance Dorothy: Loves super long distance throws more than anything else!
Reasonable Re: Level headed, taking into account skips, distance and weather.
Skippy Steve: All about the number of skips, depending on the weather.
Nice Natalie: Always positive and happy to give out high score.
Hard to please Harwood: Critical of absolutely everything, even the other crabs!

It's important to get a good balance of skips and distance to get a high score!

The weather changes every few minutes. You can see the forecast in the upper right corner of your screen.

It's harder to skip in a storm than in calm weather, so be sure to keep an eye on the forecast and make most of good weather!

When you complete three goals, you will get to select a reward and level up.

All of your costumes and crystals will be stored in here. They will help you get high scores!

Buy sweet outfits for our fishy friends with crystals. Each costume also changes the way the fish play, so try them all to find the ultimate combination!

Crystals are special! As well as buying costumes with them you can craft crystals into powerful charms that boost your score!

Craft a charm now by tapping on a head and tail crystal. Different colored charms have different powers.

The score is your skips multiplied by your distance, maximize these to achieve the highest possible Pro Score!

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