Sunday, July 13, 2014

My Champions Club Guide Player Card, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

My Champions Club Guide

When you want to do any of the following actions: Player Upgrade, Strengthen, Breakthrough, Resurrection, Change Formation, and Wear Equipment, just click the Train button located at bottom tight side of the main interference.

You can open the interface of Change Formation to substitute high- quality player into the match. You can also Change Team Formation to cope with different type of rivals.

How to change/substitute a player?
Tap any player avatar to replace him with a more powerful Player

How to upgrade a Player Card?
It's not enough by only substituting high-quality Player Card into the match. You have to Upgrade Level to Optimize their capabilities. On the interface Player Upgrade, you can do this operation.
Firstly, click the player selection column, and select the Player Card that you want to upgrade.
Then Select the Player Card that you want to consume. The higher the Player Card level, the higher the Exp you will get in the process of player card being swallowed.
After you made your selection, please click the Upgrade button. Upgrade of Player Card will consume a certain amount of Gold Coins.

Level UP is never too hard since this game is featured with daily login reward. Every day, Login the game to draw for energy bottle, gold coin, diamond or other rewards. If you login continuously, your lucky draw times will be accumulated.

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