Monday, June 2, 2014

The Collider Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

The Collider Guide

No Ads and Lives Cheat

Playing The Collider app is very annoying because it has intrusive ads, some ads may pop at random times, other ads will consume the screen space. However in this cheat, you can play The Collider app without annoying ads :)

How to play without annoying ads?

You should turn your wifi/3G/4G internet connection off before you launch the The Collider app. In-case you already open the The Collider app, just force close or use the multitask button and swipe it out.

Without an "Active Internet Connection" you can get unlimited lives.  You will not lose a single life when playing without internet connection.

The Collider Guide to reach Level 13!

To reach level 13 you need to have a speed of 1300. However you need to survive those obstacles to reach level 13. Fortunately there are savepoints for every 100 speed increase you reach.

When you collide with any obstacle, you will be given a chance to proceed but you need to pay for it or else it is game over. There are three chances for you to revive while retaining your current speed. Use this chances to be able to proceed to your next savepoint. The cost for 1st collide is 5 coins followed by 20 coins and lastly 50 coins for a total of 75 coins. So you need atleast 75 coins for you to use those three chances.

Obstacle will start to appear at the speed of 20 of your current speed/level. Example if you start at level 12, the first obstacle will appear at the speed of 1220, so you need to survive until you get the additional 80 speed to reach the level 13. This is same with "reviving", when you collide and revive, you're next obstacle will appear for the next 20 speed.

If you total all those "20 speed obstacle free", you will get a total of 80 speed. So you need to survive/reach at speed of 40(first 20 speed are obstacle free) to be able to secure your next savepoint as long as you have atleast 75 coins.

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