Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pirates Age Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Pirates Age Guide

How to get Crystals for FREE!

1.) Rate and Comment
  1. Rate and comment Pirates Age a 5 stars in play store, leave your server and IGN there to receive 100 Crystal.
  2. The display of comments will not be instant, but we will check it frequently and send out the rewards.
  3. One entry for an IGN only.
Example: Rate 5 stars + comment + server + character name.

2.) Report Bug to gain crystals!

3.) Facebook Long-Term Events

To express our thanks to all the fans, we are holding some long-term events on Pirate Age Facebook page, and we would like to invite everyone to visit our front page, everyday!

Event A: Like-Us
Simply click like on Pirates Age Facebook page to get the rewards : Like-Us Pack (50 Crystals and 20 Blue Gems)

Event B: Specials Fans Every Day!
Stay active on the page to receive the rewards: 50 Crystals for each special fan.

Event C: We "like" Storms
Rewards: 2x drops/2x gold/3x drops/3x gold/Crystal
Event rules: We will hold some events like DROPS STORM, GOLD STORM and even CRYSTAL STORM by turnseach time we gain 1000 more "likes"! So, come on! Get your friends in-game and "like" us on facebook!