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Iron Knights Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Iron Knights Guide

Basic In-Game Guide

Hold down the ATK button for continuously attack.
- Targeting is done automatically when attacking.

Enemy's Magical Field is blocking the hero from moving forward.
-Magical Field is canceled when you eliminate the monster.

The HP Bar color above Monster's head indicates its difficulty level.
Yellow: Normal.
Orange: +1 Lv. than player.
Crimson: +2 Lv. than player.
Red:+ 3 Lv. than player.

Use Auto Combat for convenient game play.
Directional Pad and Auto Combat can be used simultaneously.
- Press the Auto Combat button.

Get Gold or restore your HP by opening a treasure chest.
Roar of Rage is enabled when the Rare Gauge is full.
Roar of Rage inflicts damage to nearby enemies while restoring Hero's and Party Members' HP.
Rage increases slowly in normal state and more rapidly when attacking enemies.
Roar of Rage can be stacked up to 3 times and used consecutively.
The crystal of darkness will be destroyed when you defeat the boss monster.

Comrades In-Game Guide

You can have up to 4 Comrades to fight side by side with you in combats.

You can select a hero of your friend to join you in your challenge.
- 1 vitality is consumed for entering the stage.

Comrade follows the hero and automatically engages enemies.
Comrade with skill will automatically use it's skill.
Click the comrade icon then tap on the ground to summon the comrade.
Comrade teleport will be disabled during cool time after each usage.
If comrade remains alive after Hero is killed, it will continue to fight.
In this case, the gameplay will progress at 2x speed.
Check out the Treasure Chest item acquired from the combat.
You can get Comrade Equipment or Accessory from the Treasure Chest.
You can draw and get one of 3 rewards when you clear a stage.
You can get Hero Equipment or Comrade through Stage Clear Reward.

Upgrade/Slot Guide

Weapon used as ingredient must be the same or lower level than the base weapon for upgrading.
Upgrade success rate is 100% if the level is the same.
Lower level of the ingredient will result in lower success rate.
Hero Equipment upgrade can be attempted up to level 10.
Accessory and Rune cannot be changed once they are equipped.
You can upgrade a slotted Accessory by using another accessory as sacrificial item.
Upgrading Accessory will always be successful.
But if you use low level sacrificial item, then EXP will increased instead of upgrade level.
Upgrade level will increase by 1 when EXP reaches 100.
All equipment items share available slots, and you can possess up to 20 items, regardless of item type.
Inventory can be expanded to store up to 60 items.

Skill Guide

Exclamation Mark indicates a skill that can be newly learned or upgraded.
Up to 3 skills can be slotted.
Skill action and effects vary depending on the type of weapon used.
Passive skill increase the stats of all Party members when slotted.
Up to 3 passive skills can be slotted.
Check the effects of each passive skill and consider their combination carefully before slotting.

Comrades Guide

Upgrade may fail if ingredient level is lower than base Comrade level.
If the attempt fails, then your Luck Rating increases, and your success rate on the next attempt is increased by that much.
Rear Guard engages in combat when Vanguard Members are killed.
All members receive equal EXP upon completion of combat.
Comrade's stats can be increased by equipping items exclusive for Comrades.
Comrade's equipment can be upgraded the same way as Accessory items.
You can possess up to 20 comrades, and storage can be increased to possess up to 60 comrades.

Tips from Loading Page

You can get more rewards when you clear a stage more than required number of items.
When you composite 2 hero equipment that have been upgraded to level 10, you can get High Grade equipment.
Monster Battle and Giant Boss can be sighted with certain rate of probability when you clear a stage.
Touch the image of the comrade and then tap on the ground to move the position of the comrade.
When you composite 2 comrades upgraded to level 5, and your level is above 30, then you can get high grade comrade.

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