Thursday, June 5, 2014

Little Hero Defense Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Little Hero Defense Guide

Upgrade Guide for FRIEND (In-order)

  • Upgrade Allen to unlock new friends.
  • Don't upgrade Monkey Jack, Raccoon and Langerhusky, just save your Topaz/Rubies to upgrade Allen and Alice.
  • If you unlocked Alice, her level should be same or less than 1 level of Allen.
  • Alice is your best Friend in-game, you cannot win with high level stage without Alice, a high level/upgrade Alice is a must.
  • Your priority is to upgrade Allen to unlock new friends but you need to upgrade Alice also.
  • Don't upgrade Hammerpig and Bobcat, just save your Topaz/Rubies to upgrade Allen, Alice and Mr.Hippo.
  • If you unlocked Mr.Hippo, same as alice you need to upgrade up him.
  • Taunt is a Mr.Hippo skill, this skill provokes nearby enemies to attack Mr.hippo instead.
  • An upgraded Allen, Mr.Hippo and Alice is already enough to get topaz/rubies for unlocking new friends.
  • Don't upgrade Panda, Fire Launcher and Ice lady, just save your Topaz/Rubies to upgrade Allen, Alice and Mr.Hippo and Fireman.
  • Same as Alice and Mr.Hippo upgrade Fireman.
  • Fire Breath is a skill of Fireman which is is a passive skill (aura). Fire Breath gives an increased attack damage to your friends.

These 3 friends (Alice, Mr.Hippo and Fireman) and Allen are powerful combination. It's up to you to add other friends with this combination.

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