Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Demacia Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Demacia Guide

How to earn Free Gold, Cards and other important stuffs?

Login to win great rewards event
Login to get amazing rewards! During the event time, as long as you log in the game, you'll win Daily Login Pack, Daily Salary and extra mysterious rewards!

Draw Chests
There are three chests that can be open for free, just wait for the timer to expire for you to get it free! To avoid missing chests, specially the Advanced and Legendary chest, just create a reminder to your device after you collect the specific chest.

Login Rewards
Go to the event -> Login. You can earn gold, trophy, exp card and even 4 star master yi!

Rewards or Achievements
You can gain rewards from achieving achievements that can be found in Event -> Rewards.

Gems Achievements
Same as above but the rewards are gems. You need to either clear storyline quest or your summoner reaches certain level.

Shake the Tree
This is for free initially but you need to pay gems to get gold, not recommended.

Lost Treasure
This event has a specific time for you to participate and it last 1 hour each time. You can get rewards when you do the treasure hunting.

Protect Goddess
Protect the Goddess for certain number of days for you to get the rewards.

The system email will email you certain free rewards, so it is worthwhile to check your mail.

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