Wednesday, June 11, 2014

WATCH DOGS ctOS mobile Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

WATCH DOGS ctOS mobile Guide

What is your mission?
Stop the vigilante Aiden Pearce. Good Luck

How to add new contacts/players?
Tap add contacts button. You can search players on Uplay, PSN, or Xbox Live.

To find an available player, you can either navigate the city map or browse the list. Select a player who's available, tap the PLAY button, pick a challenge and you're good to go.
Completing OFFICIAL Challenges gives rewards to  both parties. Completing CUSTOM Challenges does not give rewards.

What is Quick Match?
If none of your contacts are available, tap the QUICK MATCH button and the system will find an available player for you.

What is Helicopter in this game?
The helicopter is your avatar and through it, you can control: ctOS devices and police units.

What is HEAT points?
Those are Heat Points. They can reach the maximum of 20. To increase your Heat points: keep your opponent within sight of your helicopter. Without Heat points you won't be able to use special powers such as ctOS devices or Police forces.

Based on your opponent's actions, ctOS incidents may pop up. ctOS incidents will give you heat points.

What is CTOS Devices?
Use your Heat points to activate ctOS devices that slow down your opponent. Once armed, a ctOS device will trigger itself when an opponent is within range. When a ctOS device hits, you can see the damage done to the vehicle.

How to Dispatch?
Dispatch Police units with specific behaviors. Tap on the + symbol and select a patrol car. Drag the patrol unit where you want to drop it inside the blue area. An active dispatch costs you Heat Points. Stronger units cost more points. Dispatch wisely!

How to Redispatch?
Police units are removed from your resources when they are too far away from your opponent. Tap on the redispatch icon within the time limit to save your unit.

How to Repair?
Your opponent can damage your helicopter by shooting at it or hacking it. Let's see what happens when it is hacked. Tap on the + symbol and select REPAIR to immediately regain control of your helicopter and restore it to its maximum durability.

How to Autopilot?
Activate the autopilot and your helicopter will stay on your opponent for a limited time.

How to use Precision Shot?
Activate your sharpshooter's PRECISION SHOT to inflict major damage to your opponent.

What is Steam Pipes?
Steam Pipes are the most powerful ctOS devices. Once armed, they will detonate as soon as your opponent is nearby and deal massive damages.

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