Friday, June 20, 2014

Dead Route Guide, Tips and Cheats iPhone and Android

Dead Route Guide

How to Play

Swipe left to move left and swipe right to move right.
Swipe on the arrow to turn left or right.
Tap to shoot when zombies are near.
Swipe down to reload.
Use grenade for mass kill.

Energy is needed to play a single game, energy will be replenish over time. It is recommended to turn your notification in this game, to notify you if you have a full energy.

Don't spam or auto fire shooting, timing is everything. You need to time your shooting and reloading as well.
Collect ammo and other power-ups in-game to aid you in your battles.
You may use adrenaline to revive but it costs Z coins.

Finish three side missions to increase your rank. You can get rewards such as Z coins when you increase your rank. Increasing your rank also will unlock more episodes for you to play with.

How to earn Z Coins and Money Fast

Earn free Z money, Z coins, Medkit, Grenade and Batteries for Daily Login Bonus!

Dumpster Show gives exciting rewards such as Fun Items and Z coins. However you can play Dumpster Show once and you need to wait for the timer to expire before you can play Dumpster Show again.

Get Free 1000 Z money when logging in with facebook. Aside from logging in with facebook, you can get another 1000 Z money if you follow them in facebook and another 1000 Z money for twitter. Sharing and Invite to your friends will worth 1000 Z money as well.

Watch video ads and get 1 free zombie coins.

To save money from upgrading or buying new weapons, only upgrade your weapon's damage. When you have already maxed the weapon damage, it is time to buy new weapons.

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