Friday, June 20, 2014

Dragon Finga Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Dragon Finga Guide


Your heroes movement and attack will be based on your Control Points.

To move, Simply use your finger to grab the warrior and drag him where you want him to go. Try to jump by dragging him into the air.


To perform a basic strike, just tap in the direction you want to attack. 

Pots contain many treasures that will help you unlock your potential! Some pots may contain gems!

If enemies are off-screen the red arrow will show you how to find them.

Your warrior sense allows you to detect incoming attacks before they happen!

When your health is low, just find and smash the fruit crate and pick up the goodies inside.

You can revive by using your gems to wreck revenge!

Special moves

The time at the top of the screen will count down during the battles you fight. Your game will end when it reaches zero.

You can gain back time by performing a variety of special moves.

To perform aerial attack, just jump and tap on the enemy below.

To perform whirlwind move, perform  a flip in the air then strike an enemy.

Remember to keep both time and health topped up so you can keep on fighting.

Dragon Power

Each hero has a unique dragon power. By collecting butterflies you fill up your power bar. 

When the bar is full. Your hero will be unleash his dragon power.

To activate the power, just use two fingers to pinch the screen.

Being surrounded is an ideal time to unleash your dragon power.

Taking out several enemies at once is also a great way to put some time back on the clock.


At the top right of your screen you will see the next goal to reach during battle. These are many goals to  discover.

Completing Mission is an essential part of your progress. They will reward you with the experience and treasures required to become a true master.