Monday, May 12, 2014

Smash the Zombies Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Smash the Zombies Guide

Classic Mode
In this game mode, you need to smash 30 zombies. You're score will be based on how fast are you enough to smash 50 zombies.
Arcade Mode
In this game mode, you can smash zombies as you can for a limited 30 seconds. You're score will be based on how many zombies did you smash.
In this game mode, it will be automatically proceed to the next floor, so you need to smash the zombies. This is an endless run game and it will end if you just missed a single zombies or smash the window without the zombie.
Tips In Game

Classic Mode and Arcade Mode
The building has four columns. It doesn't matter if you tap on any columns, example: if you tap on the 2nd column at the highest (4th) floor available and the zombie is on the 2nd column at the lowest (1st) floor available, You will still smashed the 2nd column at the lowest floor available, regardless of that column you smashed as long as if there is zombie in that column at the lowest floor.
You can also advance tap the next zombie without waiting for the ANIMATION to end. Example: In all floors the zombies are placed at the same column, you can tap the specific column four times as fast as you can, you don't need to wait for the animation.
Rush Mode
This is opposite from the tips in Classic Mode and Arcade Mode. You need to smash the zombies at the right column and the floor. This mode starts at slower pace and it will definitely go at faster pace.
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