Sunday, May 11, 2014

Godzilla: Strike Zone 3D Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Godzilla: Strike Zone 3D Guide

Halo Jump

How to survive or avoid team mates during sky diving.
Tilt your character to the lower right of the screen. Make sure you are in the EDGE of the screen because sometimes your character will move slightly at random times.
How to survive while using your parachute.
You can move down left right but you can't go up, you can only maintain the height from the ground while using parachute. To maintain the height, just tilt your device for about 90 degrees or vertically from your floor. To go down quickly, just tilt your device for about 180 degress or the device is facing to your ceiling.

Ground Rescue and On to the Rooftops

How to not fall when jumping or walking.
Use your crosshair when walking or jumping. When walking just aim your crosshair to the ledge and just walk forward. When jumping, do not attempt to jump forward-left or forward -right, your jump will be short. Just aim your crosshair to the next ledge and jump forward.
Use your Minimap to locate your next Target.
Watch out for electrified water.
Watch out for the falling debris.
Shoot at outline objects to interact with them.
Make sure to keep your distance from exploding objects.

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