Saturday, May 24, 2014

Efun Leaders Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Efun Leaders Guide

What is Gem

Gems are your powerful currency in game, you can do anything with gems like automatic fill resources, instant troops and etc. But the most recommended to use with gems is the Artisans "builders". The more artisans you have, the more you can build structures at the same time!

This is for Players that don't want to spend real money, but they want to get additional 1 artisan.
You need 500 gems to get your first additional artisan.

Ways to get Free 500 Gems.

Login Gift
You need to daily log in consecutively to get resources or gems. The only days that you can get gems are Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. If you log in consecutively for 1 week you will get 50 gems, therefore to get 500 gems you need to log-in for 10 weeks.

You can refer this game to any of your friends or you can also do this to your other devices as long as the they reach level 5 town hall for you to receive 50 gems. You need to refer 10 times (Reached level 5 town hall) to get 500 gems.

Limited Time Events (Town Hall Party until June 8th 2014 only)
Reach level 7 Town Hall until June,8,2014 to get 500 gems for free.

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