Thursday, May 22, 2014

Elements: Epic Heroes Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Elements: Epic Heroes Guide

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In-Game Tips

Best Leader: Archer
Pros: Long Range Attacks, Superior Defensive Skills and Hit and Run Strategy
Cons: Low Defense and average attacks.

Those cons can be solved by buying/upgrade def equipments and when you change "Job leader", your archer can survive more hits. Just make sure you need to prioritize your archer's equipment before you can buy/upgrade other jobs.


The disciples of the earth element are one with their true source of power, In their kingdom, these fierce warriors have mastered the art of battle and break down enemy lines with their heavy weapons. These masters of giant axes unleash their devastating power upon their foes. Warriors don heavy armor and wield two-handed weapons are capable of delivering overwhelming damage. In addition, warriors use the ancient knowledge of War Cry, Boosting the strength of the whole party.

Knights of the Fire Kingdom mastered the element and became some of the most dependable heroes in the whole realm. A combination of heavy armor and durable shield allows them to withstand powerful enemy attacks and protect their weaker allies. With fast and powerful attacks, they distract enemies from targeting companions that don't have as high defense rating.

The air element is represented by expert marksmen. Their flawless shots guarantee long-range support inb the heat of battle. The power of air element makes their arrows even more devastating. Their bow is guided by the wind and their arrows are infused with powerful lightning. Their quick long-range attacks are perfect for slaughtering enemies before they are reached.

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