Friday, April 11, 2014

SLINGSHOT BRAVES Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game


Area: Tap an area from the area selection screen to activate a quest in that area. When you clear all the quest in an area, a  new area will unlock.

Quest: Tap the quest you wish to activate from the quest selection screen. You will use energy when you activate a quest. Note that different quest will require different amount of energy.

Stamina: Your stamina will recover over time. You can also use gems to recover faster.

Level: When you clear a quest, you will gain EXP. Once you gain a certain amount of EXP, your will increase and your energy will fully recharge.

Phase: Quest are divided into multiple phases. When you defeat all of the enemies in a certain phase, you will move on to the next one. Clear all of the phrases to clear the quest.

Coop Battle: is a game mode where you can play Quests with other players, starting with those close to you. Each player will be able to use 2 characters in battle. Co-op battle is an opportunity to get your hands on materials that you can't get elsewhere, so be sure to play often.

Coop Skill: The bar at the bottom of the screen during coop battle will fill up and when it does you can unleash a coop skill.Both players will unleash their skills at the same time, so save this for when you're in trouble.

Synergy: When you have 2 or more items made from the same material equipped, a synergy boost will be activated. An item's material can be seen in the lower right of the icon. When synergy boost is active, attack and defense stats will be boosted. It would be to your advantage to make sure of the synergy boost.

Upgrade: Upgrading equipment will raise their level and make them more powerful. From the upgrade screen, select the equipment you would like to upgrade and then select the materials to upgrade it with. Then tap "Upgrade". If you upgrade equipment with the same material that is made from the resulting experience boost to the equipment will increase. Also, after you tap the upgrade button you will have an opportunity to use your finger to shake a bottle containing your upgrading materials. Shake this bottle as well as you can in order to get an opportunity for bonus upgrade experience. Upgrading requires coins, so if you are low in coins you will not be able to upgrade equipment.

Evolve: Certain items can evolve into more powerful items once their level has been maxed out. In order to evolve an item, you will need a specific number and type of materials. An evolved item will change in appearance and its skills and attributes will become more powerful. However the item will be reset to level 1 once it has evolved.

Blueprint: Touch the blueprint icon to see how many blueprint pieces you have from the current dungeon. There is one piece per dungeon and collecting a complete blueprint will give you a powerful new item.

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