Friday, April 11, 2014

Combo! Combo! Cat! Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Combo! Combo! Cat! Guide

The runestones have 6 attributes: Water, Fire, Earth, Light, Dark and Heal. Move them into a line to empower your moves.

Dissolve runestones to empower your meows to defeat your foes.

Time is limited for moving runestones. When you move them, the life meter becomes time meter.

Everytime you complete a move, the enemy's CD reduces by one. When CD reaches 0, the enemy attacks.

Dissolve heal runestones to recover life meter.

Line up 5 runestones to raise the meow's attack. The more you accumulate the stronger they are.

You the new meow to increase your teams power!

Each meow possesses unique skills, upgrade your meow's unique skills.

Only your captain and your supporting friend can use captain skills. Employ both for added effects.

Your Captain creator meow captain skill is fiery passion which increases your firer attribute meows attack by 1.5x

After a certain period of time in battle, your skill will be invoked and the avatar of the character that can ue it will flash.

A legendary meow has at least 3 stars worth of powers, make that call.

You need meow coins to summon legendary meows!

Meow Level Up/Upgrade: You can level meows by absorbing the experience of other meows.

Meow Evolve: When your meows level reaches max, collect materials to evolve to transform into higher level meows

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