Friday, April 4, 2014

RING of DRAGON Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game


What is Karma Gauge?
A Gauge shown on screen. It will be changed by the points of chaos or law, which depending on player choices.

What is Karma Charge?
Effect from Karma points. You can get karma points, chaos or law by completing some quest and defeating some enemies. Quest and NPC's act will be changed by your karma points.

Reset Karma
Karma tonic is needed to reset karma points, which is sold at item seller.

How to raise guild level?
You have to infuse medals from "Medal Moving" in main menu -> Guild -> Guild Info. The maximum number of guild member changes depending on guild level. So if you feel you need more guild members, move medals and raise the guild level.

What is guild siege?
Guild vs Guild battle. At mose three guilds, divided to 1 defense and 2 offence have battle to occupy a stronghold.

What is battle arena?
Free for all PVP battle is held in battle arena. You can get points by taking down other players or NPC soldiers inside arena area. The points will be used in PvP Ranking, describe later context.

What is Bounty System
Bounty System allows players to become a person with bounty by one's behaviour in the game. Also, players can become bounty hunter and hunt to collect bounty. Once you are on the bounty board, you will have price on your head.

Death Penalty
When your character is knock out, you will receive death penalty. Death Penalty increases your next EXP points in accordance with your level and reduces your gold by 10%

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