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Heroes of Atlan Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Heroes of Atlan Guide

The Arena
You can challnge other players in the arena. The level of a rival hero will affect how much rank, gold, and fame you get. The arena has weekly rankings that will offer you prizes for doing well. At the end of every week, you will receive 1 ruby and 10 fame for every three ranking points that you earn.
The Shop
The shop sells basic gears and different items, depending on your hero's level. You can purchases the elusive ring from the black market if it is in stock. The black market's stock is limited, but will update every six hours.
The Pub
At the pub, you are able to find heroes that are willing to join you on your journey. Too attract powerful allies, you will need to gain Fame. Your fame can be increased by doing well in the arena, by using the scroll of blessings, and various other activities. 
The Shrine
By utilizing the shrine, you can summon spirit mages to call on the spirits of beasts to aid you on your journeys! Every Time you successfully summon a spirit, you will advance to a more powerful mage. If you fail to summon a spirit, you may be sent back to the first spirit mage
You can store and sell the treausrues from your adventures in your inventory. Stackable items are sorted automatically into single slots, with 50 being the capacity per slot.
Select the heroes that will join you in battle! Place them strategically in positions that will offer you the best chance for victory! The amount of heroes that will follow you into combat depends on the level of your main hero.
By training your different skills, you will be able to strengthen your entire party at once.In order to upgrade your skills, you will need to earn and spend SP. You can earn SP by clearing dungeons from all over the world. 
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