Friday, March 14, 2014

Mini Toss Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Mini Toss Guide

Q: What is Mini Toss?
A: Mini Toss is a slingshot combat game in the style of such classics as GunBound, Worms, and Angry Birds. By combining strategy, cunning, and a little luck you can blast your enemies from afar and reshape the landscape of the level to earn the advantage!

Q: I'm getting a new mobile device. How do I play with my old account on the new device? How do I switch accounts?
A: First, make sure your account is linked to an email. On your old phone, tap the "Link Account" button on the login page to bind your Mini Toss account to your Google account. Once you link your account, you can tap the "Switch" button on the Mini Toss login page from your new device. Select the Google account you used to play Mini Toss on your old phone to pick up where you left off.

Q: I can't link my account to my mobile device. What should I do?
A: If you experience any problems linking your account, please ask yourself the following questions:
1. Is this account already linked to a Google account?
2. Is there another account already linked to the Google account you selected?
3. Is Google Play running properly on your device?
4. Did you grant Google Play the proper permission within your phone settings?
5. When linking your account, did you get a Google authorization message?
If these scenarios didn't help you resolve your problem, please contact customer support and tell us in detail what steps you've taken so that we can help find out what went wrong.

Q: I was suddenly kicked out of Mini Toss in the middle of a battle. There wasn't any message explaining what occurred.
A: This may be due to insufficient memory on your device. Please check your settings and try turning off any other applications running in the background or check your in-game settings and turn off "Death-Skill Effect." If the problem continues, please contact customer service with your IGG ID number, server name, and character name, any error messages you may have encountered, the model of the mobile device you're using, and your game's version number. Please also include a detailed description of what has happened and we'll solve your problem as soon as possible.

Q: How do I buy Gems?
A: Gems can be bought from the Mini Toss Mall. To avoid any scams or players that may attempt to hack your account, please avoid buying Gems from sources other than IGG. We are unable to handle any problems that arise from such purchases.

Q:  Where can I get the Guard Spirit off-hand weapon?
A: At Lv 17, you'll unlock Pow Pow (Difficulty: Normal). Defeat Pow Pow to complete the quest and win the Guard Spirit.
Note: The "Defeat Pow Pow" quest will only appear after you have completed all "Undersea World" quests.

Q: I tapped Pow, but there was no effect. What happened?
A: If you previously used the Triple-Shot, you'll be unable to use Pow.

Q: How do I check my quests?
A: Tap "Quests" at the bottom of the screen to see if you have any incomplete quests.

Q: What can I do with extra Stamina?
A: Extra stamina can be exchanged for EXP! Tap the EXP Rewards option in the upper-left hand corner of the Mini Toss welcome page to spend Coins or Gems on this exchange.

Q: Where can I buy equipment with Soul Stone set attributes?
A: Soul Stones with set attributes can't be bought in the Mall but rather must be refined at the Smithy for a chance to unlock set attributes.

Q: What is Growth used for?
A: Whenever an enhancement fails, you'll earn a certain amount of Growth based on the enhancement level. When Growth maxes out, your next enhancement is guaranteed to be a success! However, if an enhancement fails and the enhancement level drops, your Growth value will not drop as well. Growth is only used during successful enhancements.

Q: How do I earn Medals and what are they for?
A: Medals are earned by completing quests, opening PvP chests, fighting in Guild wars, claiming weekly STAR rewards, and more. Medals can be used instead of Gems to shop in the Mall. However, any items bought with Medals are non-transferable. Medals can also be traded for items in the Medals section of the Mall.

Q: How do I get Cash and what is it for?
A: You can get Cash by completing quests and opening PvP chests. Cash can be used instead of Gems to shop in the Mall. However, any Mall items bought with Cash are non-transferable. Cash can also be traded for items in the Cash section of the Mall.

Q: What should I do if I catch someone cheating or hacking in Mini Toss?
A: If you see something, say something. Contact customer service with the player's name, server, account, and a detailed description of what happened. After a thorough investigation, the player will be banned if in fact they were abusing Mini Toss.

Q: What are the minimum requirements to run Mini Toss?
A: Mini Toss requires Android 2.3 or above, 500 mb of RAM, 1 GHZ CPU, and resolution of 480x320 or higher.

Q: What should I do if Mini Toss keeps disconnecting or crashing?
A: Exit Mini Toss and clear your cache in the settings. You can also try playing over a wi-fi connection.

Q: How much data per hour does Mini Toss use?
A: Mini Toss uses about 500kb/hour. This figure is based on normal gameplay and doesn't account for downloads or updates.