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Clash of Lords 2 Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Clash of Lords 2 Guide

"1. How do I make my base?
Gold is used to build and upgrade all kinds of buildings in your base. You can harvest Gold from Mines or win large amounts quickly from Solo Campaigns and Resource Raids."

"2. How do I fight in Clash of Lords 2?
There are three kinds of battles in Clash of Lords. Winning them awards Treasure Chests that contain surprises!

Lords League:
You may fight in the Lords League up to 10 times. The battle results won't affect your resources but it will determine the number of Trophies earned. At the end of each season, Souls will be awarded based on the number of Trophies you earned.

Resource Raids:
You can loot other players when you raid them. Based on how badly the base is destroyed, a Shield will be activated for a certain amount of time. While shielded, a base can't be attacked.

Solo Campaigns:
Each time you defeat a Dungeon in the Solo Campaign for the first time, you'll win tons of resources! You can enter previously defeated Dungeons up to 5 times each."

"3. What Heroes are there?
There are 25 unique Heroes to choose from in Clash of Lords 2. They're grouped into 4 grades - Normal, Good, Rare, and Epic.

You can recruit Heroes and EXP Cards for training other Heroes. Each Recruit grants a random amount of Rings to level up a Hero's active skill or exchange for even higher grade Heroes.

All 25 Heroes have different skills with different effects. You control your Heroes' skills in battle. The higher the skill level, the more powerful the skill will be.

Each Hero has their own Mercenaries determined by the Hero's level. Mercenary levels can be increased with Souls."

"4. How do I deploy or switch Heroes in Battle?
Tap the Heroes Hall to select which Hero you want to send to battle. Selected Heroes will have a small dagger icon at the top right-hand corner.

To switch Heroes, follow the same steps and tap the Hero you would like to switch in."

"5. How to obtain Heroes?
Method 1: Complete Solo Campaign Dungeons.

Method 2: Win in the Lords League.

Method 3: Win Resource Raids.

When you win in a Solo Campaign, Lords League, or Resource Raid, you get to open Treasure Chests that may contain Heroes or EXP Cards. The more Stars you earn, the more Treasure Chests you can open.

Method 4:  Recruit Heroes
You'll get up to 12 free daily chances to recruit Heroes. You can also use Jewels to recruit more Heroes.
Tip: Recruit 3 Heroes at once 10 times to get a free Epic Hero!"

"6. How are Hero skills classified?
Active skills: These skills that can be manually activated. Use Rings to level active skills.
Passive skills: These skills boost the attributes of Heroes and their mercenaries. These skills may be reset for a chance to get higher level skills."

"7. How do Mercenaries work?
Each Hero has his or her own Mercenaries. The number of Mercenaries are determined by the Hero's level, while their levels can be increased with Souls.
There are 7 types of Mercenaries each with their own different attack targets."

"8. What are Rings and how can I get them?
You can get Rings when recruiting Heroes.
Rings can be used to:
I. Increase Heroes' active skill levels.
II. Exchange for Epic Heroes."

"9. What is the Lucky Spin?
Lucky Spins were created for Hero recruitment. You can use Luck you get from recruiting Heroes to spin to win Rings. Once your Luck bar is full, you'll get one free spin. Spin to win Rings!
Free Recruit: 1%
250 Jewel Recruit: 2%
750  Jewel Recruit: 7%"

"10. How do I use my invitation code?
1. Open the event page and check out the invite event.
2. Tap Proceed and a window will pop up with your code.
3. Tap Copy to copy your invitation code, then share it with your friends on any social network. When they download Clash of Lords 2, they can enter your code in the game, as shown below:
4. Once your friend enters your code, you can re-login and claim your reward from the event page.

1. Friends invited to create new accounts must be new to Clash of Lords 2.
2. Invited friends won't get any rewards but can invite more people to earn the rewards for themselves.
3. You can invite up to 20 friends to join Clash of Lords 2. Each successful invitaion earns 200 Jewels."

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