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Demon Clash Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Demon Clash Guide

1. Base Attributes
STR: Each Strength point increases ATK by 2
DEX: Each Dexterity point increases DEF by 2
VIT: Each Vitality point increases HP by 4
ATK: Higher Attack allows you to deal more damage.
DEF: Higher Defense helps you resist more damage.
HP: You'll lose if it reaches 0.
Critical: You can deal extra damage with a critical strike.
Block: Block helps you reduce the damage you take and has a chance to trigger counterattacks.

2. Attribute Training
Unlocks at Lv 10
Training can increase STR, DEX, and VIT.
Tap 'Save' after training to save the new attribute value.
If you feel the training value isn't very good, you can keep training or tap 'Close' to abandon these values.
There are four classes for training your attributes: Normal, Platinum, Diamond, and Crown.
Platinum, Diamond, and Crown training offer even better results.
The max training value is based on your level.

3. Dungeon
Fighting in Dungeons is the best way to earn EXP and equipment.
There are 24 Dungeon Chapters, each with 10 levels. Enjoy the storyline, challenge the evils within, and level up fast.
Defeat each level's Boss to leave a Dungeon victoriously.
When entering a Dungeon, you're allowed to have both friends and complete strangers as allies. Helpers may increase ATK and DEF and grant Pal Point rewards.
When entering a Dungeon, you're allowed to have both friends and complete strangers as allies. Helpers may increase ATK and DEF and grant Pal Point rewards.
Pal Points may be used in the Pal Lottery.
You can use the Fast Forward feature to speed up battle animations in Dungeons.
HP is lost when you fight against monsters in Dungeons. When HP reaches 0, you'll fail the level.
Potions and Gems can help you survive Dungeons.
You'll earn EXP and Coins by clearing levels. There's also a chance to find equipment by defeating monsters.
If you fail the level, you'll also lose any equipment you've come across.

4. Elite Mode
Elite Mode is a new way to challenge yourself! Complete the levels in a chapter to battle the final boss of the chapter. Elite bosses are far more difficult than level bosses but offer greater rewards.
Complete each level of a Dungeon to make the boss appear in Elite Mode. Defeat the boss of the previous Dungeon to unlock the next boss.

5. Goblins
Goblins may appear at random in any chapter on the map. You'll need to find them yourself upon entering a chapter.
Defeating Goblins will grant big rewards!
Goblins will respawn regularly.
Goblins will disappear after 2 hours if they aren't destroyed.
If you can't finish a challenge alone, you can invite your Friends to help. They'll win rewards based on their contributions.
Each player that fights will be rewarded based on the amount of damage they dealt to the Goblins.
Deal the most damage to the monsters to become the MVP and win 3x rewards.
Kill Goblins to win double rewards.
MVPs and Monster Killers have a chance to win high-quality equipment and rare items.
Tap the Goblins in the Menu to see how many you've found or to see if your Friends need your help.

6. Equipment 
Equipment consists of Weapons, Armor, Helms, Shoes, Rings, and Amulets.
Equipment qualities levels are: Common, Fine, Excellent, Rare, and Legendary.
Equipment pieces contain both basic and bonus attributes.
6.1 Basic attritubes:
Equipments boost different basic attributes. Weapons and Rings increase ATK. Armor, Helmets, and Shoes increase DEF. Amulets increase HP.
High-level equipment possesses better quality and basic attributes.
Pieces of equipment can be enhanced to increase their basic attributes.
6.2 Bonus attributes:
All equipment possesses random bonus attributes except Common equipment.
Better equipment qualities grant more bonus attributes.
Higher level and quality equipment have greater bonus attributes.
6.3 Enhance Equipment
Equipment can be enhanced to increase their basic attributes.
Enhancement costs Coins. Each equipment can be enhanced up to 10 times to increase their basic attributes by 10% each time.
Enhancement has a success rate. Higher enhancement levels have lower success rates.
Perfect enhancement has a 100% success rate.
Become a STAR member for a success rate bonus.
6.4 Evolve
Rare, Legendary, and Epic equipment can be used for Evolution. Evolved equipment retains its enhanced and refined attributes.
Evolved equipment may be enhanced and evolved more times than non-evolved equipment.
Rare equipment can be evolved up to +2.
Legendary equipment can be evolved up to +3.
Epic equipment can be evolved up to +9.
6.5 Refining
Equipment can be refined to increase their bonus attributes.
Only a portion of the bonus attributes may be refined.
Bonus attributes can be refined up to 10 times, increasing their value by 10% each time.
Refine success rates decrease with each new level.
★ All attempts at refining will be successful.
6.6 Forge
Through your adventures, you can reforge the equipment you collect. Epic, Legendary, and Rare equipment can be obtained through forging.

7. The Cube
The Cube has great magical powers and can perform numerous wonders.

8. Proficiency
Proficiency unlocks at Lv 16.
Each different equipment part has a proficiency.
Proficiency Ratings can increase the equipment's basic attributes on the target part by 1%.
The first proficiency level increases basic attributes by 15%.
Proficiency levels can't exceed your level.

9. Skill
Skills unlock at Lv 13
The three skill cover Attack, Defense Skill, and Body.
Each Attack skill increases ATK by 10.
Each Defense skill increases DEF by 10.
Each Body skill increases HP by 20.
All skills are passive.
In order to upgrade your skills, you must spend Skill points. Skill points are earned by clearing Dungeons. Harder Dungeons offer more skill points.
Skill levels can't exceed your level.

10. Challenge
Compete with other players to earn a spot on the leaderboard.
You'll get rewards based on your leaderboard rank every 5 days.

11. Store
11.1 Material Store
The Material Store continually renews its stock of rare items for you to buy.
11.2 Sale Store
You can find limited edition items at unbeatable prices here!

12. Quests
You can access the Quest Log from the Dungeon interface.
There are four quest qualities: White, Blue, Gold, and Orange. The higher the quality, the easier the task and the better the rewards.
Quests renew every 2 hours.
You can accept the quests best suited for your abilities.
Complete a quest to earn rewards.
If there are no available quests, you can refresh Demon Clash for new tasks.

13. Honor System
Honor Points are earned from battle victories.
Challenge a low-level player for a chance to get 1 Honor Point.
Challenge a player at your level for a chance to get 2 Honor Points.
Challenge a high-level player for a chance to get 3 Honor Points.
Honor not only allows you to display battle skills but it can also be used to upgrade your Titles.
Titles can grant Attack, Defense, and HP bonuses. The higher the title, the greater these bonuses.
You may also collect Title Rewards each time you log in to Demon Clash.

14. Items
While exploring Dungeons, there's a chance that you'll discover items dropped by monsters.
Items can be used to forge and upgrade equipment.
Some rare items can only be found by opening high-end Treasure Chests or defeating Goblins.

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