Saturday, January 11, 2014

Slash of the Dragoon Guide, Tips and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

How to play
To fire blocks, tap on the to pink box with three blocks.
Hold the screen to stop the blocks.
With one stroke cut along the shape of the blocks.
Be aware of the time limit.
Cut through multiple blocks with one stroke to deal even greater damage to your foes.

Fire is strong against wood, water is strong against fire, and wood is strong against water. Light and Dark will inflict great damage upon each other.
Cutting through pink blocks will replenish your party's HP.
When you don't see the color you want, swipe the block icon left to right to change the blocks.
Depending on their color, monster belong to five different elemental types: fire, wood, water, light and dark.

Battle and Party
Pay attention to a monster's type when attacking to deal damage more effectively.
Every monster has a special skill that can be used after a certain number of turns has passed.
You can see all of your friends with the friend list option on your friend menu.
In arrange party, here you can check your current party members and their status.
Tap the monster you wish to add to your party to switch them.
If you set a monster as a leader the leader skill will activate.
Each monster has a different cost. The total cost of the monsters in your party cannot exceed your party's maximum allowed cost.

Enhancement lets you combine monsters to make the base monster stronger!
Here's where you choose the monster you'd like to upgrade.
Now select the monster you'd like to use as a upgrade material and tap apply.
If you merge two monsters with the same element, the base monster will get a 50% bonus.
Monsters with 3 or more stars are rare, so don't choose them yet. Be careful, monsters used as a upgraded material will vanish!
Once the enhancement is complete, the base monster will receive experience!
Try merging any monsters you have left over!


  • Enter dungeons, slash blocks!
  • Get rid of all the monsters!
  • Change and upgrade monsters!
  • Create the strongest party!
  • Raise monsters and develop your own team.

Use helpers to earn friend points, which you can use for the friend lucky draw.
You earn 5 points by selecting an adventurer, 10 points for a slash of the dragoon friend, and 15 points for a social network friend.
If you select a slash of the dragoon friend or a social network friend, the helper's leader skill will be active.
Selecting the right helper will give you an advantage, so choose with care!.
Certain spellbooks can evolve after reaching the maximum level. Just select evolve from the spellbook menu.

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