Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dragon Guild: Battle Combat Guide, Tips and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Game Tips

1. Skills can be used when you have enough SP.
2. Access Guild Chests by joining a Guild.
3. Challenge all players on the server in Arena.
4. Stamina Potions can restore the Stamina of Heroes.
5. Light Fountains increases experience gained in battle.
6. Evolution increases star rating of equipment.
7. Enhanced and Evolved items have higher parameters.
8. Use a Revive Scroll to revive after being defeated in battle.
9. Use Unicorn Horn during Enhancement to receive extra experience 
10. Use Key Scroll to restore PvP Attempts.
11. Weapons, Armors, Accessories and Skills needs to be equipped on Heroes.
12. When Enhancing Equipment and Skills, support cards are destroyed in the process.
13. Premium Equipment and Skills can be acquired through Chests.
14. Use Hero Tokens to acquire new Heroes. Hero Token can be acquired in PvP Tower, General Store or Mission.
15. Clear your mailbox once in a while.
16. All Accessories can be used as evolution material.
17. Protected items cannot be sold or used for Enhancing.
18. 1 Gem can be traded for 100 Gold.
19. Players can enter PvP Tower at LvL 5.
20. Players can apply for Guilds at LvL 3.
21. The more you do Combos, the faster SP is gained.
22. You can login from other devices after setting up a password
23. Players under LvL 7 can revive for free in Adventure Mode.
24. The higher your VIP level, the more VIP rights.
25. You can Auto battle in any completed battles in the Mission.
26. Mystery Chests contain experience increasing combining Accessories.
27. Complete special missions to claim special rewards.