Monday, December 30, 2013

Sensei Wars Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Your goal in the game is to have a powerful dojo/town in sensei wars. This guide will help you on how to have a powerful dojo efficiently in sensei wars.

Say no to "Mine and Farm"
This are your resources buildings, they produce resources over time. Buy why you should avoid it? The disadvantage of "Upgrading and Building your Mine and Farm" is that your "CAP/LIMIT" for resources that can be stolen will increase also! It is not the Silo and Vault that increases your "CAP/LIMIT" for resources that can be stolen" So avoid getting Mine and Farm to reduce the resources that can be stolen when being attacked. Since Sensei Wars will choose your opponent by random, probably any attacker will not risk to attack your dojo when the rewards are small.
Want resources? Dojo vs Dojo is the best resources you have!
Since you don't have resources buildings. You can gain infinite resources in Dojo vs Dojo. Abuse Dojo vs Dojo by creating a powerful and large troops. To create a powerful and large troops, upgrade training buildings to unlock more troops and increase the cap of your troops. You have more time to build/upgrade them because you will not build/upgrade resources buildings anymore.
What about your defense?
A very good defense in positioning of your buildings is to put your Towers, Cannons etc. closely to each other. But how can you put them closer if you have many buildings? To reduce space, just say no to Mine and Farm. It greatly give a lot of space.
Upgrade/Building Guide
Prioritize your "STORAGE" buildings then "ATTACK buildings" followed by "DOJO" Main Building  and lastly your "DEFENSE" Buildings. 
Sensei Wars Cheat
Troop Cheat is not working for Sensei Wars.

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