Monday, December 30, 2013

Siren Fantasia Guide, Tips, Cheats Android Game

Siren Fantasia Puzzle RPG Guide

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SpellBooks Guide

This is a game that uses the spellbooks and your power to solve puzzles in you adventure.
Siren Fantasia has five spellbooks, burn, ice, gust, light and dark.
burn > gust > ice > burn and light > dark > light but slightly weaker than any of burn, gust and ice.
Your first spellbooks have a X2 Atk as damage. Rare spellbooks are more stronger because it gives good spells.
Spellbooks allows you to use much stronger skills! To use a skill you need to break the CARDS that is not the usual burn, gust, ice, burn and light. Those cards will get you magical powers or Mana to use the spells of your spellbooks.
When your spellbooks are shining means you have the enough mana or magical powers to cast it.

In Game Tips

The Hp bar when becomes 0, the game is over.
Mana/Magical Powers captured in the dungeon is located at your top left.
You can also upgrade your gear in settings.
There is no time pressure in the game as you can decision better.
The deleted cards will attack the enemy.
The attributes of monster can be identified by the color of the HP bar, but you must still prioritize to have a long combo than specific attributes you choose.

Ranking Up

Every time you rank up/level up, you will get max stamina bonus and total cost.
Every time you finish a single battle you will earn MANA, Experience for spellbooks, and another spellbooks and chocolates.
Party is consist of spellbooks, up to six spellbooks you can use in battle.
Every spellbook has a cost, you will earn more cost if you ranked up.


In Enhancement, you can integrate spellbook together to strengthen the base spellbook.
Materials ( is just disposable spellbooks) are needed to enhance and if the material is the same attribute of your spellbook you want to enhance, you will get an additional bonus of 50%.
Spellbook with 3 stars or more is rare, so don't choose it now. Be aware that the spellbook you used as material will disappear.
Every enhancement will improve your spellbook because it will level up and increase it HP ATK and REC.
So every time you will obtain spellbooks, just use it as a material to enhance your favorite spellbooks.

Siren Fantasia Gameplay

Dive Deep into a dungeon and battle.
Beat those monsters.
Create the ultimate party with your Enhancement and evolution.
Nurture your spellbooks and make a party.
Rinse and repeat, it is a very fun challenging game because every stage will increase its difficulty