Monday, December 23, 2013

Hello Kitty Carnival Guide and Coins Cheats for Android/iOS Game

The "No so much Coin Cheat but it is still helpful" Cheat
The time machine cheat no longer works for this kind of game genre. However I found a cheat that still works in Hello Kitty Carnival game. Go to the outside of the carnival where you can customize your carnival. You will notice that there will be coins spawn at your carnival. It has a fix amount of time to spawn and it is a 5 value coins. 5 coins are still handy while you are waiting to recover your life/ribbon. 
Hello Kitty Carnival Game
This is a very difficult game compared to its similar concept games. It is very difficult to earn coins because most of the time you can't finish the current level even with single heart. However this is a challenging and fun game for casual gamers. 
Mini Guide

  • Heart Coins: This is your "Real Money Currency" where you can use real money to upgrade and improve your carnival. The best way to spend heart coins is to hire new workers. Workers that are only available with heart coins purchase.
  • Coins: The first purchase you should buy is to get new hire rather than upgrading the store stalls or worst if you use it for carnival decorations. More workers equals more actions.
  • Use reminder app: Reminder apps are useful to any games that requires time cooldown. Every ribbon needs approx 12 minutes to earn, so use reminder to remind you that you can now play Hello Kitty Carnival game again