Saturday, December 21, 2013

Beat the Boss 3 Cheats and Guide Fast Coins for Android/iOS Game

How to earn coins without wasting your time too much?
Buy gun weapons because they fire automatically when you just tap and hold at any screen. Save your coins for the most expensive guns because they are more efficient in getting your coins. In this guide, I have two ways on how to earn coins very fast. The two ways are manual and automatic.

Manual way is the normal way of playing the beat the boss 3 game. Just simply choose your powerful gun weapon and shoot the boss at a good distance of range. Avoid shooting at point blank distance because the boss will randomly jump at any chosen distance. Do not get the coins when the boss is alive, because you will take the time to pick it up. The coins you get on shooting the boss is more efficient than looting the coins. You should only pick the coins when your boss is temporarily dead.
This maybe called as a cheat because this is a cheap way to earn coins while doing nothing. To do the automatic way, you just need capacitive stylus or any thing that triggers your touchscreen. If you can't find one except for the stylus, you can buy stylus for tablets and it is very cheap. Now find a way that your stylus should contact at the screen without holding the stylus. My own way is to to tape the stylus in to the screen. I recommend to put your stylus at Left middle or Right middle of the screen to increase the chance of hitting the boss.

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